Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj Media Conference Regards EMBD . 02 December 2017

Attorney Lawyer Ramesh Address The EMBD ‘CARTEL’ CASE WILL FAIL

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 MEDIA STATEMENT OF CLAIMS FILED IN THE HIGH COURT BY CONTRACTORS AND COUNTER-CLAIMS FILED AGAINST THE CONTRACTORS BY EMBD Presentation Great morning individuals from the media. We should thank you for tolerating our welcome to go to this media gathering. Mr. Jagdeo Singh, Mr. Kiel Taklalsingh, Mr. Criston J. Williams and Miss Karina Singh, Attorneys at law are helping me in speaking to four contractual workers to be specific, Kallco Limited, TN Ramnauth and Company, Mootilal Ramhit and Sons Contracting Limited and FIDES Limited. We have requested that you come here toward the beginning of today to react to open explanations made by Minster Stewart Young and different Members of the Government in regard of the cases recorded by our customers against EMBD and the counterclaims documented against them by EMBD.

The procedures in these issues have been extremely voluminous and it has been difficult to peruse the greater part of the reports and to think about them amid the timeframe since my maintenance in these issues. Having respect to what I have perused up until this point anyway, it is clear to me that in view of my preparatory research on the law there is a noteworthy confusion of the legitimate premise of the cases. The premise of the cases is that the cartel sort conduct alluded to by Minister Young can constitute a common reason for activity against our customers. All together for that cartel sort conduct to constitute a common reason for activity against our customers anyway, it was fundamental for there to have been a correction to the current laws of Trinidad and Tobago for that reason. The cases of the EMBD against our customers depend on the commence that standards of cartel law which were influenced law by an Act of Parliament in England to apply to claimed activities or direct of people in Trinidad and Tobago. In England Parliament instituted an Act of Parliament to make a statutory reason for activity to make certain sorts of understandings between and among business people a common offense.

 The endeavor for this situation of the EMBD make unlawful affirmed understandings of business people in regard of business undertakings can have genuine unfavorable impacts on business exercises in the nation. In the event that the present precedent-based law or existing statute law must be reached out to cover the claimed reproved lead of our customers for this situation, general society including the business group would be qualified for be counseled in regard to any such proposed key charges. Regardless of whether in Trinidad and Tobago there is an understanding among and between business people to have settled costs for the arrangements of specific sorts of merchandise or administrations or attempts to be done that isn't unlawful in our law. On the off chance that that is unlawful under our law then it brings into question the exercises and business endeavors of numerous organizations in Trinidad and Tobago. There is no law in our nation which makes those exercises unlawful. These and different issues of law we will manage later in this media instructions. Our customers recorded Claims against EMBD for entireties due and owing under contracts in regard of which they did street works. EMBD recorded protections and counterclaims against each of the contractual workers. EMBD is fighting that the agreements were unlawful and is making claims against our customers for compensation of the monies paid to them under the agreements. EMBD established a claim against FIDES Limited for compensation of some monies paid to it in the execution of works performed under the agreement it went into with FIDES. It isn't our expectation to respondto the greater part of the claims made by Minister Young. We in our reaction would demonstrate that in light of the standards of law, the counterclaims made by EMBD against our customers can't be maintained in law.

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